Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Apalah nasib harini.. Semalam gaduh ngn seseorang, pastu harini jadinya serba tak kena..

- Jatuh tangga masa nak rush to MRT
- Overshot station psl tgh sibuk berchatting
- Tgh susun2 kotak, jari kena papercut

Posted at 12/13/2016 9:26:42 am by IsHaTiKuS
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Monday, December 12, 2016

Yana da jadi entertainer on BIGO skrg.. Jadi Yana Si Kucing Garong yg pandai nyanyi dangdut.. But too bad, yana dont have smule.. Nyanyi suka2 jer.. Bkn utk smule.. Haha~!!

I actually started to show some funny cat videos on my live at abt 7.30pm.. After that Khai masuk then i VC him.. He suruh on dangdut n joget2 n nyanyi.. Then suddenly.. BOOM~! Satu datin ni from Dato & Datin clan masok n share my live..

The first time in my 3 wks in BIGO i got 300++ viewers!! Feels so honoured, appreciated and enjoy doing such a live.. Now skrg tgh kumpul mcm2 dangdut songs to play during my live.. They may be repeated but as long as everyone enjoy, who cares?

So i think i have found my BIGO calling.. I need to maintain to be Yana Si Kucing Garong~~!! Haha~~!! Many thanks to everyone who gave me beans, shared my live and really enjoyed my entertainment session.. See you guys soon~!!


Posted at 12/12/2016 9:33:14 am by IsHaTiKuS
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Friday, December 09, 2016

Wah~! Laju betul masa berlalu.. Kejap je da friday.. Finally i can catch up on my sleep over the weekend..

If my mum tk kacau lah.. "Kak~! Bgn~! Ikut mama gi jemputan.."
Coz i can nvr decide on what to wear.. Baju yg itu jgk dipakai.. N i dun really like to wear baju kurung.. Baju kebaya da kecik coz yana da makin montel.. Ape tidaknya.. Mkn mlm.. Lepas tu tido.. Haha~!

Paperwork kat meja yana ni makin hari makin meninggi.. Tak tau bila ada masa nak clear.. Everytime yana terpikir nak OT jer, pagi2 my mum da ckp, "Balik nnt beli mkn.. Mama OT.."

(-_-") Terbantutlah plan yana nak OT.

Bila my mum tak OT plak, yana yg malas.. Haish... Nasib nasib..

Oklah.. Yana end my entry here..


Posted at 12/9/2016 10:29:46 am by IsHaTiKuS
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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Ah yes.. 10 more days before I'm officially 29 yrs old.. Haha~! Nak step muda jer si Yana ni..

Smlm Lostarz nyer last live.. Sedih lah.. Kiter sumer da fwen-fwen dlm BIGO ni.. Haish.. Wish you the best in your endeavours, Lostarz.. Hope to hear from you soon..

Yana tkde plans for my bday since it falls on a Sunday... Maybe have to ikot my mum go jemputan if my dad have to work.. Bley la tu.. Haha~!

Smlm my Safety Officer antar email regarding the increase of motorcycle accidents with heavy vehicles.. So korg2 kat luar tu yg naik motor, please be alert of your surroundings.. Mmg betul ajal di tangan Allah swt. Tapi just be careful ok?

Yana got nothing else to report.. So Yana end my entry kat sini..


Posted at 12/8/2016 9:50:21 am by IsHaTiKuS
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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Hi all,

Firstly I would like to apologize for this late entry. Nothing much happen lately. Just that I gave a beloved little god-brother something he have been wanting.. Haha.. His expression was priceless.. I'm contented.. Oh! I joined #KTW (#KeTeW) group.. Other than scabs on my knees for yesterday's fall n still some stinging when there's pressure on the wound, I end my entry here.. Have a nice day everyone~!

Posted at 12/7/2016 12:31:53 pm by IsHaTiKuS
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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Kimais.. Da berapa lama tak jatuh harini bley jatuh pulok..
Habis kasut kotor semua..
Lutut jgn tanya la.. Bercalar-balar..
Sedap kaoz.. Baik2 ngantuk troz segar bugar..
Pijak atas styrofoam sheet yg entah terbang dari mana..
Then styrofoam sheet tu basah pasal hujan..
Tak tau plak kasut licin,, Haish..
Jatuhlah si Yana ni mcm anak gajah.. Hahaha~~!!

Posted at 12/6/2016 9:24:32 am by IsHaTiKuS
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Monday, December 05, 2016

Hello semua.. Selamat kembali kepada blog Yana..

So anyways.. Lots of things just happened..

First up, I'm feeling guilty as hell for agreeing to the naughty with someone who actually belongs to someone else, even though I'm the one who spends most of the time with this person and yes i do have a crush. (Oops~!)

What has been done cannot be undone. I hope this doesn't repeat. Or maybe i should stay away from the person for awhile. Create the distance. LoL.. It's funny that i just wrote an entry about turning the platonic friendship to a friends with benefits thing, and here I am stuck in this situation. Dammit~!

Secondly, conflicts with people regarding beans. Sigh.. Are we not done with this? I give beans to anyone whom i think is nice. I'm not even expecting the same treatment being given to me. It's my decision to give these beans to whomever. But seems that some people think i have given beans to wrong people.

How many times to i have to repeat myself? I'm not expecting beans in return. As long as you acknowledged my presence in your live and appreciate the gifts, I'm more than happy to stay a loyal fan. We don't even have to meet in reality. I'm just as comfortable being a virtual platonic friend. I'm an extremely shy person in reality.

The more I write, the more emotionally worked up I get. With my lack of sleep, I'm sure gonna break down crying anytime soon if I continue.. So I better stop here.. Thanks for visiting..

Posted at 12/5/2016 9:51:21 am by IsHaTiKuS
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Saturday, December 03, 2016
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Hi semua.. Yana cuma nak inform yg yana will not be on BIGO-Live today coz wifi down.. Haish.. Sedih la.. Tk dpt tgk kwn2..

Posted at 12/3/2016 2:33:57 pm by IsHaTiKuS
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Friday, December 02, 2016
Yana Life Updates 1.3

Good Friday everybody~!

Akhirnya Jumaat yg penuh barakah datang lagi. Syukur alhamdulillah mendapat peluang untuk bangun dari mati yg sementara hari ini.

Yana have to let this out.. Rasa tak tentu arah..

It's hard to keep a platonic relationship clean. I mean like, the temptation to just be friends with benefits or turning the platonic relationship into a real relationship is so great. But what makes it even more complicated is that the other person is attached / engaged / married / not looking for committed relationship.

Sometimes Yana got a crush on someone, but cannot tell him coz of the complicated situation.. Then Yana terpaksalah pendam jer dlm hati.. Mlm2 nangis mengenang nasib yg mcm kentang ni..

Yes, sometimes I cry myself to sleep.. Coz of the loneliness.. Or just letting out the frustration.. So that i can wake up happy the next day.. There is always someone who will spoil my morning, but that is totally another story altogether.. Haha..

Yana going to get back to work now.. Harini terpanjang plak luahan hati.. Haha..


Posted at 12/2/2016 8:22:40 am by IsHaTiKuS
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Thursday, December 01, 2016
Yana Life Updates version 1.2

Oh hey peeps.. Thanks for still reading my entries.. Walaupun tak seberapa ni.. Haha.. Anyways, i got lots of thing on my mind that i wanna let out but takut menyinggung perasaan org coz they will know i'm talking abt them.. Its hard enough not expressing my thoughts, but even harder to go thru the situation.. Ah well.. Life still goes on.. Ckp salah, tk ckp salah.. Serba salah dibuatnya.. Haish..

Posted at 12/1/2016 5:37:44 pm by IsHaTiKuS
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